My name is Marta Radecka. I am a Visual Artist and Designer focused on performing arts with a passion for exploring different forms of narrative.

To me a source of inspiration and often the starting point of my work is music. 

I have created video projections, mappings and LED installations for audio-visual performances, concerts and live DJ sets for more than seven years. During that time I have worked as a VJ at recurring events in Cracow and London. I collaborated with many musicians and artists from all around the world and I was resident VJ at Prince of Wales, London.

As a natural progression from VJing and in search of new challenges I developed an interest in narrative within visual arts. I am intrigued by the relationship between art and space, artists and audience, sound and visual perception in real-time performances. I like to explore possibilities of creating 3D worlds to transform perceptions of space and re-define existing forms.

I was born in Poland, currently live in London.